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Wednesday, July 19, 2023

WE are still very active... but this blog is not!

SHEAF Dunedin's name and web presence have changed. If you're looking for our group of home educating (homeschooling) families in Ōtepoti Dunedin, Aoteroa New Zealand, you'll now find us at:

or on Facebook at:

Sunday, September 30, 2012

Art classes, anyone?

From Tanya:

Hi all,

I am putting together an art class and wanted to see what interest there was for it. Taia, my 9 year old daughter, has expressed an interest in learning "proper art" and so we looked into it and found the classes to be out of our budget. Luckily a friend of ours, Jane, has a bachelor's degree from the Dunedin School of Art (we went to her final exhibition and she is very talented!) and is considering a career in teaching. I approached her and asked whether she would be interested in teaching some kids on a weekly basis and she was very enthusiastic about it. This class will start off with an emphasis on drawing but can go in any direction based on pupil interest. It will be an actual teaching art class (unlike some of the other art classes we have seen, where they feel more like a play group!) so it is only suitable for kids that can sit and focus, and can follow directions. This class is for kids 8 years old and up with it being also suitable for older kids. Each class will be 90 minutes and be $70 per term for a 10 week term and probably Tuesday mornings at about 10.30am. We are still working out the venue but are looking for a space downtown, any suggestions welcome. We want to start next term, so in 2 weeks time. Actual time and day would be dependent on venue. We are capping the class at 6 kids so there will be great teacher-pupil ratio. The students would be responsible for the cost of their art materials, at this point just pencils and paper. I think it will be a great class and feel really excited about it. If could email me with any questions and/or if your kids (or yourself if you are the home-schooled pupil) are interested in signing up for the class. If this class works out and we have enough interest from the younger kids Jane has expressed interest in a younger art class also.

Thanks very much,
Tanya Hickman

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Big People's Night Out for August

From Kathrin

Big People's Night Out (Cafe evening) for Thursday 23 August, at Nova Cafe, from 7.30 onwards. Come along for coffee and a chat. Please RSVP (to Kathrin) so I know I won't be there alone, and to be updated on any changes.

Upcoming Museum trips

From Michelle regarding the museum visits

Wed 5 Sep 12-1.30, What’s in our food, $6.50 kids

If people prefer the later time (starting at 2) we can change the later trips to this time rather than 12

Please contact me to confirm bookings as we need a minimum of 12 kids to run the activity (otherwise I have to cancel)

The one on the 5th Sept, What’s in our food, has no cost for parents, just the charge per child. Also, would people prefer a change of time for the next term? The museum said we could have 1 pm if people want to have lunch first? They’re booked in for 12 atm but we can change.


If you want to do this please e-mail Michelle

Latin and English workshops?

From Kathrin

We have received a package from Barbara Beers of Schola Publications. Barbara will be visiting New Zealand near the end of September, and would like to know if there is any interest in her presenting one or more of her workshops:
Latin, the Key to English
Secrets of Great Spelling
An Historical Timeline of English Spelling
Barbara can be contacted at schola@thelatinroad.com, and further information on the curriculum can be found at www.thelatinroad.com and www.thephonicsroad.com. I have samples of the curriculum - please contact me if you would like to view them.

Ski Trip

From Claire

Please let me know if you are interested in our ski trip to Cadrona on the 3rd and 4th of September. Rates are $53 per person per day for lift pass/ski hire/lesson (slightly more for snowboards).
Accommodation will be up to individual families. Have already talked to a few of you who I know are keen but please confirm you can come on these dates. I need to know the numbers as soon as possible so I can
confirm with Cardrona.

If you want to go please e-mail Claire

Chemistry lab and course for kids 12+

From our mailbox: 
(note: an information sheet with times, dates and course content etc was sent out with our newsletter this week.  If you didn't receive it, email Nicola or Palin for copy, or contact Nathalie Thomas directly.  Cheers).

Hi everyone,

I will be running a chemistry lab course at Otago university in November 2012. Feel free to pass this on to other homeschoolers in your area. I will also be running a couple of chemistry workshops during the same week, more details will follow once I have a venue confirmed.

Best regards,

Nathalie Thomas, MSc, DipT
Science for Home Educators
PO Box 179
Katikati 3166
Bay of Plenty

Ph (07) 5490383