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Welcome to the SHEAF Blog.

Despite our best intentions, we're not great at keeping this blog updated with our latest happenings. We are, however, definitely an active group, meeting at least once each week during term time.

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Monday, March 28, 2011

Upcoming events

Only 3 weeks to go till the end of Term 1! Don’t forget that you need to book for the Treasure Hunt at Chingford Park this Wednesday if you plan on coming (email Nicola), and also for the poi workshop on 13 April at Kathrin’s place (email Kathrin).

Careers Services

Selina-Jane and Nicola are in the process of organising a talk with Tess Livingstone of the Careers Service one evening next term. In the meantime, if you have children that are preparing to look for work, see the following link for Careers Service workshops being run in conjunction with the library.


Dental Services for High School aged children

A quick reminder that children aged between 13 and 18 are entitled to free dental care, regardless of whether they are homeschooled, at school, work, unemployed or on a course. The School Dental Service is only available to children up to the age of 13, and then they must enrol with a dentist if they wish to receive free care. If you’d like a list of dentists who accept new adolescent patients, email Nicola and she’ll send you a copy.

New Zealand Homeschooling on TV

Thanks to Kathrin for forwarding these two links to recent articles on NZ homeschooling:



Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The art of poi

From Kathrin:
I have a DVD on The Art of Poi, and am happy to host an afternoon at my house, where the children can make and learn about Poi. The DVD covers - Learn the Art of Poi, Poi history, Poi Song and Dance, Long and Short Poi actions and Poi making, and runs for about 20 minutes. We took just over an hour to watch the DVD and make the Poi. When families book to attend, I will send a materials list for making the Poi. If anyone can't make it, they are welcome to borrow the DVD.
Date and time to be confirmed - 12:30pm, Wednesday 13 April. Email Kathrin to book.

Treasure Hunt - more info

From Christy:
Hi everyone,

I'm hoping that the weather will be great next Wednesday so we can go ahead with the treasure hunt and possibly a few games! :)
If you are interested in coming, could you please let Nicola know by Thursday 24th so she is able to tell me on Friday of how many are coming. Thanks! I just want to make sure that there will be enough prizes. ;)

Hope to see you there! :)

The treasure hunt will be at 12:30pm, Wednesday 30 March at Chingford Gardens - our raindate is 6 April.

Monday, March 14, 2011

NCHENZ newsletter (plus Student ID card info)

We've just received the latest NCHENZ newsletter (thanks, Stacey!) which is chockfull of info, including details of how to apply for an ID card for our older children. This can be used to prove that they are not truanting, or to show that they qualify for child/student fares on buses, movies etc.


Music course

From the CHEF newsletter:

My course - www.thecontemporarymusiccourse.com - is perfect for Homeschoolers.
Here are a couple of reviews you may be interested in and want to let your students and/or teachers know of.
Click here to read Homeschool Review by Michael Leppert
Review by Barry Walmsely - Music Teachers Association NSW, Australia

Clive Cockburn
Film and Television Soundtracks
Tel. 64-9-373 9904
P.O. Box 137210
Auckland 1151
New Zealand

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Craig and Barbara Smith visit -updated details

The conference programme and the venue have been confirmed for this CHEF event. For details, click on the entry for April 2nd in the Diary Dates section of this blog


Baby Bunnies looking for a new home

From Donna:

Here are some pics of our baby bunnies, these pics were a couple of weeks ago...they are now almost 6 weeks old, and can leave their mum in another 2 weeks.
We have 5 for sale ($10 each). If anyone is interested please phone Donna or Hayley
Many Thanks

Music in the Community

From Tarnya Burge of NCHENZ:

A new article has been added to the NCHENZ website:
Kind Regards Tarnya

Support for Christchurch Home Educators #2

Another message from our mail-bag:

I’ve been contacted by a woman who has come down from Christchurch temporarily - not sure for how long. She home schools two boys, 12 and 14 and wanted to get in touch with other home schoolers with boys of a similar age. I wonder if you'd mind contacting the other SHEAF mothers and seeing if anybody could help her.
Thanks, Sue McMillan
Contact someone who gets the email newsletter for contact details!

Support for Christchurch Home Educators

From our mail-bag:

Hi there,
We are a unschooling family who live in the Lyttelton Harbour basin.
A while back there was an email to the homespunlearning yahoo group offering support to chch home edders.
A group of us in Lyttelton have been stitching hearts every day since 1st March and giving them to people to lift their spirits and create a gathering point to come and chat and find support.
We will be doing some work with children next week in school lunch breaks and will be at the Memorial service.
We are need of old blankets, buttons, thin wool and big eyed needles so that we can keep doing this work.
If any of your families have any of these spare we would really appreciate this.
Alternately people could get together and make some hearts and send them down.
You can find out more about this project at www.watchingkereru.blogspot.com
If there is anyone interested they can send me an email (see the blog for the address) and I will send them the address to send it to.
Thanks so much,

Sunday, March 6, 2011

The Kids Journal:

From the CHEF newsletter: The Kids Journal

Dear Readers

We have some great things planned for 2011. Who would have thought in 2007 when we published our first issue that we would come this far - 4 years of printing your children's fabulous stories and artwork in our magazine for kids! So thank you to everyone who has supported us by sending work in and subscribing to TKJ. HUGE thanks to our advertisers. They have helped us for the first time in nearly 4 years to break even financially (almost). It is that time again – subscription renewals. Despite the increase in post etc we will keep prices the same. $32 for a year's subscription ($7 plus $1 post per issue) or $8 plus $1 post for non subscribers.

The account:
The Kids Journal: National bank: 06 0925 0427583 00. Then forward me an email confirming payment and with your postal address.

Our 40 page magazine is better than ever this year, with more colour and great quality glossy magazine paper. What a great way to display your children's work after each term and to encourage them to give their best effort. So I look forward to receiving your items for publication in our April issue. Closing date for submissions is March 18th. You do not have to be a subscriber to submit your children's work for publication.
Keep writing and keep smiling

SPECIAL OFFER: If you tell someone about TKJ and that person takes out a subscription with us for 2011, you both get 10% off. That's only $29.20 subs (or $6.30 per issue)

BETTER YET: If you tell 2 or more people about TKJ and they all take out a subscription for 2011, you all get 20% off your subscriptions. That's only $26.40 subs (or $5.60 per issue)
* See conditions below.

So tell your friends and community about TKJ and together we will get kids passionate about reading and writing.

ABOUT US: I am a home schooling mum, whose children wanted to have a outlet for their writing and wanted to encourage other children to write. My eldest daughter (almost 19 now) came up with the name for The Kids Journal. She has now left home to train for local and overseas mission work. My son (a reluctant writer – now almost 17), who finally found a reason to write something, is now no longer sorting pages and stapling issues of TKJ together, but working for an engineering firm. Fortunately I have 2 at home still to help with this "family hobby". Laura is 12 and loves all things literary - be it reading or writing. She made the loudest complaints when I pondered out aloud whether to continue TKJ into the future or not. Lastly I have Tom, who can't wait to start submitting things, and loves hearing all the stories his "friends" send in.

Special Offer Conditions: The friends that you join cannot have had a subscription in 2010. When your friends join and send payment, please ensure they mention your name otherwise we cannot process your discounts. You will be contacted once they have made their subscription payment to confirm the method by which you want to receive your discount (cheque or internet banking). You will only receive your discount once your subscription payment has been made. Multiple subscriptions to the same family do not qualify for discounts.

(p.s. SHEAF isn't sure of The Kids Journal's email address - perhaps ask Selina-Jane :) )

Apologia Science Author visiting NZ

From CHEF newsletter (from Erena at Learnex) :

ADVANCED NOTICE: Mark your diaries! We are giving you advanced warning so you can save up some supervisory allowance :- )

Dr Jay Wile (www.apologia.com) is planning a visit to NZ this June. Dr Jay was extremely well received by adults and teens alike last time he was here. Dr Wile is an author and the founder of the ever popular “Apologia Science” curriculum but he speaks on a number of topics of interest.

Craig & Barbara Smith visit

From the CHEF newsletter:

As promised, Craig & Barbara Smith are coming back to Dunedin this year, on Saturday 2nd of April. More details are to come as things are organised, but mark this date in your diaries. Craig & Barbara are great speakers, and last year's visit was wonderful! We all wanted more, so asked them to come back - we are delighted they agreed!

Special Thanks to Shana & Katie who have taken on the job of organising these seminars for us! They are very eager to have more helpers if anyone is keen....many hands make light work! You can contact either myself (Selina-Jane), Katie or Shana if you are able to help.

CHEF meetings

From Selina-Jane, coordinator of CHEF (Christian Home Education Fellowship);

Next meeting:
This will be on the 11th March at Halfway Bush Church (corner of Colinsay & Balmain Street's) at 1.00pm.
The following meeting will be on the 25th March at The Lighthouse Church, Green Island at 10.00am.
It is my intention to follow the pattern of alternating churches and morning/afternoon meetings for our get togethers. Hopefully this will suit mosre people.
Please do come along and chat and catch up!

To find out more about CHEF, please contact Selina-Jane

Treasure Hunt

Christy has very kindly offered to organise a treasure hunt and games day for us for our Wednesday meet-up on 30 March, at Chingford Gardens. I’m not quite sure what it will involve—but there will be chocolate, so be warned if you’re not a chocolate-eater!! Please email Nicola with numbers if your children will be coming, so that Christy can make sure she’s prepared enough treasure! The raindate is 6 April. Thanks very much, Christy :-)

‘Your Face Here’ workshop at Otago Museum

There are still a few spaces left for the museum trip next Wednesday, so email Nicola if you’d like to book.

The cost is $3.50 per child.

Click here for more info: http://www.otagomuseum.govt.nz/your_face_here_422.html

Tennis - change of time

Due his family’s new business commitments (congratulations on The Joyful Vegan caravan, Ted and Tanya!), Ted, Palin and Taia will now be playing tennis at 2pm each Tuesday at the Logan Park club, rather than 12:30pm.

All welcome!

Our condolences.

We received the very sad news that Roger, husband of Annette and father of Tabitha and Jeremy, died yesterday morning. I’m sure all SHEAF members will join me in passing on our sorrow and much love to Annette and the children, and gratitude that the memories of the very happy times they spent together, especially in their adventures last year, must be a treasured comfort to them now. I would also like to thank Annette very much for keeping us updated during what must have been an unimaginably difficult time for them all.