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Welcome to the SHEAF Blog.

Despite our best intentions, we're not great at keeping this blog updated with our latest happenings. We are, however, definitely an active group, meeting at least once each week during term time.

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(Last updated May 2013)

Friday, April 27, 2012

Health services for home educating families

As we have had a few new families join lately, it's a good time to remind everyone about the free health services available to us.

• Dental care is available through the school dental clinics – contact your local school for details. Available from when your baby's first teeth appear :)

• Hearing, vision and glue ear checks-
Dunedin Central
Vision, Hearing and Glue Ear.
Every Monday Morning
Dunedin Hospital
Ph (03) 4765800

South Dunedin
Hearing and Glue Ear.
Approx. 1st Thursday each month
Aurora Health Center
Ph (03) 455 0006

Vision, Hearing and Glue Ear.
Every 2nd Friday Morning
Mosgiel Health Center
ph (03) 4895135

Museum trip May 9

Note: For anyone only checking the blog, and not getting the newsletter, many apologies, I (Stacey) have been super busy with other stuff and the blog is not updated nearly as regularly as it should be. *Do* sign up for the newsletter if you want to know what is going on! 

From Michelle:
About the Otago Museum trip “What's the matter” May 9 - $6.50 per child – 12-1.30pm
So far we haven’t got enough people. If I haven’t got enough I will have to cancel it next Friday as they need a bit of notice. So far I only have 5 out of the 12 kids needed to be able to have it run.
Email Michelle to book

Bush walk next week

Just a reminder that next Wednesdays (2nd May) meet-up is a walk through the bush up on to signal hill ridge. The address is 34 Tui street St Leonards. Directions are to continue up the concrete drive at the top of Tui street. When the concrete ends turn right 90 degrees and park in the paddock directly ahead.
Contact Anna for more details

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

New phone and address list coming soon.

And an important message from Nicola -

Can everyone please send me (Nicola) their details to be added /changed/deleted for our address list , by Fri 13 April – this means names, addresses, phone, email, kids names and birthdates.


Gym class for term 2?

Next, from Claire -

I was talking to Keith Morris a few weeks ago who said he would be able to organise a gym class for us at the King Edward Court gym. He has said it would be available on a Mon morning at 11am and would cost $3 a child. Was wondering about it as an alternative for swimming lesson this term since we didn't quite have the numbers? I think it would be reasonably informal using the gym equipment with some parental supervision required and that he was indicating he would be happy to take it but have not quite nailed him down on specifics yet. Let me know if any of you are interested so I can give him an idea if we have enough children to make it worthwhile.

New newsletter writer!

Regarding the task of writing the newsletter. It has been realised that this can be used a a learning opportunity for the children, and the older ones can take on the role.

Each child over 12 can take responsibility for writing for one term, starting with my daughter Emily for next term, then it will be Palin's turn.

Please email Emily with any messages to be included for next term. This will be a good chance for the children to exercise their writing and creative skills, it will be interesting to see what each of them comes up with - everyone is free to format the newsletter as they wish. :)


Look in your email newsletter for Emily's email address