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Welcome to the SHEAF Blog.

Despite our best intentions, we're not great at keeping this blog updated with our latest happenings. We are, however, definitely an active group, meeting at least once each week during term time.

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(Last updated May 2013)

Monday, May 30, 2011

A reminder about Student ID cards - NCHENZ supply student ID cards for Home Educated children - http://www.nchenz.org.nz/tag/id-card/

Vision and Hearing Checks - free

A reminder about the free Vision and Hearing checks our children are entitled to :

Dunedin Central - Dunedin Hospital, ph 03 476 5800 Every Monday morning (Vision, Hearing and Glue Ear).
South Dunedin - Aurora Health Centre, ph 03 455 0006 Approx 1st Thursday each month. (Hearing and Glue Ear).
Mosgiel - Mosgiel Health Centre, ph 03 489 5135 Every 2nd Friday morning. (Vision, Hearing and Glue Ear)
All by appointment only.

June Big People's Night Out

We will be having another Cafe evening, on Thursday 23 June, at 7.30, Nova Cafe, the Octagon.

Intriguing Dunedin Street Walk

Our Wednesday activity this week will be a walk, from the Green Intriguing Dunedin Street walks book - walk 5: Killiecrankie Pass, Calderville and The Darley - meet on the corner of Embo and Murray Streets, Kew, approx 2 hours. Meet at 12.30.

Monday, May 23, 2011

German lessons, anyone?

Nicola wants to know if any children are interested in learning German - We need a minimum of 3 children, it costs $10 per 1 hour lesson, and classes will be at either 4 - 5pm Mondays or 4 - 5pm Tuesdays in Harwood. Email Nicola for more information or to book.

Dr Jay Wile conference in Christchurch

From our inbox:
Are you home educating/teaching? Are you concerned that your children/students develop a biblical worldview? Do you want them to have strong convictions?

Then join us for an inspirational time of upskilling, networking and learning from a fantastic international speaker!

You can't afford to miss the “Science by Design” conference!

Date: Tuesday 14 June, 2011
Venue: Bishopdale Reformed Church, 90 Highstead Road, Bishopdale, Christchurch
Bookings: Email tmfrater@slingshot.co.nz or phone (03) 347 3119
Online Bookings, and to see a full programme:
http://www.learnex.co.nz/Editable/conference/FirelightJayWile2011Christchurch.shtml or

Monday, May 16, 2011

workbooks, craft supplies etc

From Kathrin:

One of our ex-homeshooling families has dropped off some materials from The Correspondence School, to be shared among our members. There are supplies, workbooks and cassettes for all subjects, including craft supplies and rolls of paper, science, maths etc, and they mostly seem to aimed at lower-primary age children. Please email me to arrange a time to view.

knitting afternoon

From Donna -
...I'd be keen to host at my place an afternoon (on a sheaf day ie- Wednesday @ 12.30pm) for anyone wanting to learn or extend their knitting skills. I have quite a lot of knitting patterns for kids (and adults too) that are easy and fun! Aimed at beginners and those who just want to be re-inspired! (is that a word?)

I will book it in for Wednesday 25 May, please RSVP directly to Donna

soaking, sprouting and sour-doughing

From Shana (CHEF group) -

Dieteasily.com is sponsoring an evening on

Grain Fermentation

This will be the first of three evenings on the subject of fermentation and will cover:

  • Preparing and taking care of a sour dough starter
  • Making a no-knead wholemeal sour dough bread
  • Making a no-knead sour dough bread with wheat sprouts (includes making sprouts and grinding them without a flour grinder)
  • How to soak and ferment grains to increase nutrients and remove anti-nutrients
  • Making a gluten free fermented pancake batter using whole brown rice

Location: 811 Mt Cargill Road, Waitati. More parking further down drive at 813.

Time: to be advised

There will be no charge, but a small charge will be made if you wish to purchase pre-made sour dough starter or kefir grains.

The second evening will cover the fermentation of vegetables, vinegar and mustard
The third evening will cover-fermented drinks – kefir, ginger beer, and beer.

In the future we may do an evening on fermented dairy products – yogurt, labnah and feta cheese if there is enough interest.

Please note that the evenings will be filmed. RSVP Carolyn or Shana

Ski trip

From Claire

I have been in touch with the Cardrona ski field and got rates for a homeschool group to go up this year. If we go offpeak and midweek the rates per person would be:

Lesson Base rate is $22 (Compulsory)
Day lift ticket Midweek $16
Rental Std shaped ski set $15
(or Snowboard $22)

So total $53 per person per day if you have to hire gear. Cardrona encourage the use of helmets and these can be hired for an additional $10 and you can hire ski clothing for $20 (I assume per day).

Accommodation is still to be determined so if anyone has a family holiday house etc that could be used or knows of some cheap accommodation please let us know. Feel free to organise your own accommodation and just meet us on the mountain but we do need to know numbers in advance.

We need a minimum of 15 people which I think we might have already having talked to a couple of families who are keen but the more the merrier!

At present the dates we are looking at are the 5th and 6th of September but have not confirmed these with Cardrona yet.


Contact Claire to book, or for more details.

Free art classes

from Nicola -

I've been contacted by a qualified and experienced art teacher who is currently studying at the College of Education. He has two projects to complete, one of which must be community based, and one which involve speaking to people about home education.

As part of these assignments, he is offering 5 or 6 free group art classes to children aged around 7 - 12. There is no particular limit to the number of kids he can take in the group, and the classes will run on a weekday from around 4 - 5:30pm - the day/dates have yet to be set. The classes will involve the principle techniques of painting and drawing.

If you're interested, please email me with the day/s of the week you'd prefer, or for more information.

Intriguing Dunedin Street Walk

This Wednesday our meet-up will be a walk from the Intriguing Dunedin Street walks books.

Book 3 (green), walk 4 - "The Clear, Midlothian and St Leonards on the Hill" approx 2 hours, meet near 28 Stonelaw Tce, Maori Hill.

Careers Services talk - venue change

The Careers Service talk booked for this Wednesday is now being held at Nicola's house instead of Selina-Jane's. Please RSVP to Nicola

As a reminder, the blurb from Careers services -

I would be very interested in talking with you to learn more about the experience of home-educated learners and about ways in which we can support home-educated learners and their families with careers advice and guidance. As an agency we produce a range of excellent career education and information resources that teachers and parents can use to support the career development of their young people

Fundraising for Mornington Scouts

From Nicola
45 rolls of toilet paper for $20. Email her if you want some.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Dessert / Supper Night

From Tania -

This is just a night to chill, chat and eat .

Bring a sweet and come for a cuppa and chat.
Mothers with bubs and Fathers are also most welcome. :-)
Friday 27th May 7pm onwards, Tania's Place

If you have books, etc to sell then you are welcome to bring them.

contact Tania for more details

Unschooling camp in North Island

Via RUA - http://groups.yahoo.com/group/R_U_A/ -
Rangi woods is booked for our first unschooling conference!

Mark your diaries for

FEBRUARY 17th-19th 2012

At -

"Rangi Woods", Pohangina Valley, Manawatu (30mins drive from Palmerston North).

We can have an extra day (the Thursday or the Monday), will let you know as it is dependant on another booking.

We are thinking of .....

discussion groups/circles (dads, challenges of unschooling....etc) ideas please.
If you would like to run an activity (older children encouraged to do this too)or offer any workshop/service
Shared meal (s)

Please spread the word in the unschooling community, mark the dates and if you have something to offer let me know.

More details later!!

Jane and Tracey

Careers Services

From Selina-Jane -

Selina-Jane, I have been referred to you as a key contact within the home-educators network. I am practice leader for Career Services in Dunedin. Career Services is New Zealand's leading provider of independent career information, advice and guidance. We are a government organisation and aim to provide all people living in New Zealand with access to the best careers information, advice and guidance to achieve their life goals. This means promoting the importance of career planning at every stage of a person’s life.

I would be very interested in talking with you to learn more about the experience of home-educated learners and about ways in which we can support home-educated learners and their families with careers advice and guidance. As an agency we produce a range of excellent career education and information resources that teachers and parents can use to support the career development of their young people.

I look forward to hearing back from you.

Kind regards

Tess Livingstone

Selina-Jane has suggested a dessert evening either at her house or Feast Cafe, on Wednesday 18 May for a talk on careers for our children - please contact her to book in.

Tennis - new arrangements

From Ted -
We are still going to be playing tennis this winter but, with the business, setting a time is difficult. If anyone is interested in playing some tennis they can email me and I can let them know when we are going to play and meet them at the courts.
Email Ted for more information

Big People’s Night Out - May

We will be having another cafe evening this week, on Thursday, from 7.30 onwards. Meet at Nova cafe for dessert and coffee. Or tea. :-)

Thursday 12 May - 7.30 Cafe evening - Nava Cafe. Meet us for dessert, coffee and conversation!

Contact Kathrin
for more info