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Monday, June 20, 2011

Big People’s Night Out - July

Cafe Evening this Thursday, at Nova cafe from 7.30pm. Hope to see you there for dessert and coffee! (or hot wedges, or herbal tea, or hot soy milk with honey...)

SPCA Junior Members Day

There's a Junior Members Day at the Otago SPCA on July 20th

Catty Do Day

Uur Junior Members day this time round will be held in the July holidays, and this time we will be focussing on cats - big ones, fluffy ones, floppy ones, yorng ones, bald ones......,and some surprises!
We'll learn how to take good care of cats and kittens, and we'll have experts to talk to us. And of course, we have lots of Haven cats and kittens to give you hands-on experience-

The Catty Do Day wil be held on Wednesday July 20th from 10 am to 2 pm.

lf you would like to attend, please let us know and we'll contact you soon to give you all the details.


More info about being an SPCA Junior Member: http://petpals.co.nz/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=79&Itemid=47

Student vs Wild homeschool entry

From Claire -
Student Vs Wild

Some homeschoolers from down South Canterbury way (with the help of 4 North Canterbury Homeschool boys) have put in an entry into the Student Vs Wild competition.

The prize is a scholarship for 20 students from your school to attend a week at the Sir Edmund Hilary Out door pursuits centre in the North Island.

To win we just need lots of votes - the entry with the most votes wins one of the scholarships so please vote for us (if you like our video) by going to this site:


(If this link dosen't work you can get there by googling "Student vs Wild" and then click the site listed at the top - which is the Youtube site)

To Vote: Click on the "Vote" tool bar. Select the
" HOMESCHOOLED STUDENT VS WILD" entry and click on the green thumbs up button.

Feel free to forward this onto who ever else you think may be happy to vote for our entry.

The entry required was a 4 minute video showing "How you would survive in your school yard for a week." Hmm so with limited time and students available - here's what we came up with.

Thanks for your vote
Kay Paterson

Evening on vegetable fermentation

From the CHEF group -


This will be the second evening of four on the subject of fermentation and will cover:

How good gut health and probiotics are essential for strong immunity and a healthy mind and body.

How to make sauerkraut easily and foolproof.

How to make Moroccan and Indian preserved lemons.

How to make lacto fermented vegetables/pickles and health tonics.

How to make lacto fermented mustards and ketchup (tomato sauce).

Other bits and bobs if we can fit them in.

Location: 811 Mt Cargill Road, Waitati. More parking further down drive at 813.

Time: 7 p.m. Wednesday 22nd June.

These evenings are free but a small charge ($2.00) will be made if you wish to purchase pre-made sour dough starter and recipe sheets from last months evening on sour dough.

The third evening will cover-fermented drinks – kefir, ginger beer (the original probiotic kind our Great Grannies made), and beer, including Blueberry Beer. The aim is to make drinks that add to our family’s health. A sour dough cake recipe will be demonstrated as a bonus!

If there is enough interest we may do a fourth evening on fermented dairy products – yogurt, cheese (cottage, feta and ricotta).

Please note that the evenings will be filmed. RSVP Carolyn or Shana 482 1111 as there are limited places. Sour dough cakes will be served for supper to show you that you can serve healthier treats to your family.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

New at the Broad Room

From The Broad Room, via Donna -

I have a new article on my website. Check it out here: What Homeschoolers Can Learn From Shakespeare

And if you have a question you would like to ask me about homeschooling, click here:
http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/VZQLNTF leave your question (all anonymous) and we will have an online Q&A soon.

Happy mothering,



School holidays activity

Something for the next school holidays, from our inbox:

Volunteer Otago is pleased to announce that we will be offering a school holiday programme, albeit shortened, in July.

It will run for three days only (Wed 20th to Fri 22nd July) from 10am until 3PM, from the Pioneer Women's Hall on Moray Place opposite Countdown. It is offered to twenty-five 11-15 year-olds.

The schedule will run like this:

Wednesday -getting to know each other, lunch, SPCA visit
Thursday -Baking for the foodbank, foodbank visit and lunch, Community gardens visit
Friday -Planning a radio show, lunch, performing radio show, wrap up.

I look forward to hearing from you as you secure a place for your young person!


Jess East
Jess East Holmes -Youth Volunteering Coordinator

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Lantern Making Workshops

Dunedin Midwinter Carnival,

Lantern Making workshops are filling up fast.


Can we find the wreck of the Victory steamship?

Pyramids and Victory Beach, Okia Reserve - 12pm, Wed 3 August - can we find the wreck of the Victory steamship?
Before you think you can't be bothered, look at this great pamphlet:


(Allow about 30 mins to get there). Go to Portobello and turn right at the sign “Hoopers Inlet/Cape Saunders”, onto Allans Beach Rd. When you get to the inlet, turn left to stay on the unsealed part of Allans Beach Road. Take the first left into Sheppard Road which becomes Papanui Inlet Rd. Turn right into Dick Road and continue to the end where there is a small parking area.


Low tide is around 1pm, so this gives us an hour to get to the beach from the car park (it's a fairly easy walk, mostly flat), so that hopefully we can see some of the shipwrecked Victory. No dogs allowed, as there are penguins and sealions in the area, and it's probably not suitable for pushers as can be a bit squelchy. Bring warm clothes, drinks, lunch and cameras. Closest toilets and shops are in Portobello. (Raindate will be 11:30am, Wed 17 August, to suit the tides).

Trip to Sutton Salt Lake

Sutton Salt Lake - 12pm, Wed 6 July - New Zealand's only inland salt lake!!

(Allow about 1 hour to get there). Head towards Middlemarch. When you reach the Sutton area (just after Shannon), turn sharp left at the railway tracks, into Kent St, which becomes Kidds Rd. Stay on Kidds Rd for about 2.3km, until you reach the DOC Sutton Salt Lake car park area on the left.

Bring warm clothes, drinks, lunch and cameras. There are toilets and shops a few minutes drive away in Middlemarch. No dogs allowed as the walk is on farmland.
(Raindate 12pm, Wed 13 July).