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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Police Education workshops

We had a great bike safety talk with Heather Rei last week, and will organise more with her soon.

Our next topic will be "Keeping Ourselves Safe", but before she runs the workshop for the kids, she's very keen to meet with interested parents first, to explain what is discussed in these classes, and why. Obviously, she'd probably go into more detail when speaking to parents, so she'd like to do that without children present.

I thought I'd try to schedule this for one of our Wednesday afternoon meetings, so that parents who wanted to speak to her were able, while others weren't obliged to take part. Let me know if you don't think sounds like it would work, but I was imaging that if we have this meeting at someone's house, it would be easier to keep the kids occupied with a video or playing outside in a relatively safe and contained area while parents are distracted. Are people happy with this idea?

Feedback to Nicola, please

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