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Monday, August 9, 2010

Photos on the SHEAF blog and Facebook page

From Stacey:

Given that Facebook are trialling some new (and somewhat scary) face-recognition software - where the Facebook database actually looks at your photos and tries to identify the people in them for you (gee thanks Facebook - not!), I thought I'd reassure people that when I choose photos to upload to the blog-site, I am deliberately choosing shots where people are really hard to identify - so lots of hats and the backs of heads, or people small and far away :) The photos that Nicola sends out in our newsletter are NOT automatically uploaded to the website - these are just for people in our group to have a look at. I choose photos for the Blog that give people an idea of the types of activities we do as home educators, but that retain our privacy. If at any time you are uncomfortable with the amount of information on the blog (or whatever) then please do give me an email!

From Nicola:

Stacey has certainly brought up a very pertinent point here. Our family has always used photography as the most important medium for capturing and recording our home education activities, as we do for many other areas of our lives, but it's possible that not everyone will be comfortable with this.
With that in mind, there will be no identifying 'tags' placed on SHEAF's Facebook photos unless people choose to tag themselves and their children - in the interests of privacy I won't tag anyone else. And of course, please let me know if you'd prefer your child not to be photographed at all! Also, a reminder that SHEAF on Facebook is a closed group - this means that while members can see all content, non-member can only see the group description. Admins must approve requests for new members to join, so no unsavoury characters should have any access, ever!

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