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Monday, September 13, 2010

Children's Commissioner looking for 12-15 year old young people who are passionate about Aotearoa New Zealand

Also see your newsletter for the three YPRG attachments for more information.


The Young People's Reference Group is one way the Children's Commissioner hears first hand what it's like being young in New Zealand. The group provides their views, and looks at potential solutions to key issues affecting New Zealand/Aotearoa. Members of the Young Peoples Reference Group serve a two-year term, they are seen as staff to the Children's Commissioner and their contributions are woven throughout the work of the Office.

Do you know of young people who are interested in speaking about issues that impact on children and young people? Want a chance to influence decision-makers? Aged between 12-15 years? Are good at working in a team? Currently connected to school groups, community groups, church groups, their local hapu and iwi or sports club? Like to work hard and are looking for a challenge?

The Children's Commissioner covers all costs for members of the Young People's Reference Group.

Then the Children's Commissioner, who is a voice for children and young people in New Zealand/Aotearoa, is interested in hearing from them. The Children's Commissioner would be grateful if you could mention this opportunity to young people you are connected to.

· Being a strong voice to decision-makers
· Learning about government and decision-making processes
· Learning about Aotearoa New Zealand and our diverse communities
· Building confidence around public speaking
· Developing your writing skills
· Working with different young people and adults from around Aotearoa New Zealand
· Building media skills
· Attending conferences
· Coming to Wellington four times a year
· Having fun and eating lots of food
· Being paid for their time

Attached is a recruitment flyer and quick guide to the Young People's Reference Group that may be used for promotional information.

Application forms can be downloaded at www.occ.org.nz/yprg We are happy to send applications out, please request one via 0800 22 44 53 ex 808, or email children@occ.org.nz with your address and we will send you one.

If you would like to learn more about the role and the Office of the Children's Commissioner check out: www.occ.org.nz

All fully completed applications can be sent to:
Rebecca Blaikie
Office of the Children's Commissioner
P O Box 5610

Applications to apply for the Children's Commissioner's Young People's Reference Group will close at 5pm on Sunday October 31, 2010.

The deadline has been extended as many of the applications received to date are from young people who unfortunately fall out of the age bracket of the group. The Children's Commissioner needs to receive applications from young people under the age of 16, as this allows members to serve a full two-year term with the opportunity to stay until they are 18 years of age.

A decision around successful applications will be made in early December 2010. The new members will have their first meeting in February 2011.

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