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Sunday, March 6, 2011

The Kids Journal:

From the CHEF newsletter: The Kids Journal

Dear Readers

We have some great things planned for 2011. Who would have thought in 2007 when we published our first issue that we would come this far - 4 years of printing your children's fabulous stories and artwork in our magazine for kids! So thank you to everyone who has supported us by sending work in and subscribing to TKJ. HUGE thanks to our advertisers. They have helped us for the first time in nearly 4 years to break even financially (almost). It is that time again – subscription renewals. Despite the increase in post etc we will keep prices the same. $32 for a year's subscription ($7 plus $1 post per issue) or $8 plus $1 post for non subscribers.

The account:
The Kids Journal: National bank: 06 0925 0427583 00. Then forward me an email confirming payment and with your postal address.

Our 40 page magazine is better than ever this year, with more colour and great quality glossy magazine paper. What a great way to display your children's work after each term and to encourage them to give their best effort. So I look forward to receiving your items for publication in our April issue. Closing date for submissions is March 18th. You do not have to be a subscriber to submit your children's work for publication.
Keep writing and keep smiling

SPECIAL OFFER: If you tell someone about TKJ and that person takes out a subscription with us for 2011, you both get 10% off. That's only $29.20 subs (or $6.30 per issue)

BETTER YET: If you tell 2 or more people about TKJ and they all take out a subscription for 2011, you all get 20% off your subscriptions. That's only $26.40 subs (or $5.60 per issue)
* See conditions below.

So tell your friends and community about TKJ and together we will get kids passionate about reading and writing.

ABOUT US: I am a home schooling mum, whose children wanted to have a outlet for their writing and wanted to encourage other children to write. My eldest daughter (almost 19 now) came up with the name for The Kids Journal. She has now left home to train for local and overseas mission work. My son (a reluctant writer – now almost 17), who finally found a reason to write something, is now no longer sorting pages and stapling issues of TKJ together, but working for an engineering firm. Fortunately I have 2 at home still to help with this "family hobby". Laura is 12 and loves all things literary - be it reading or writing. She made the loudest complaints when I pondered out aloud whether to continue TKJ into the future or not. Lastly I have Tom, who can't wait to start submitting things, and loves hearing all the stories his "friends" send in.

Special Offer Conditions: The friends that you join cannot have had a subscription in 2010. When your friends join and send payment, please ensure they mention your name otherwise we cannot process your discounts. You will be contacted once they have made their subscription payment to confirm the method by which you want to receive your discount (cheque or internet banking). You will only receive your discount once your subscription payment has been made. Multiple subscriptions to the same family do not qualify for discounts.

(p.s. SHEAF isn't sure of The Kids Journal's email address - perhaps ask Selina-Jane :) )

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